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Month: April 2007

  • Enabling wireless encryption

    Finally, found the magic option that wasn’t getting enabled in the kernel config. It’s been hit or miss whenever I tried to configure a new kernel whether the wireless would come up the first time. Module Size Used by michael_mic 2176 2 ieee80211_crypt_tkip 9536 1 ieee80211_crypt_ccmp 5888 1 i915 18880 2 drm 64084 3 i915…

  • WinXP sound support

    The sound driver on the HP driver disk for my laptop does not work. However, the latest available from the HP website does work.

  • Windows Reinstall

    Hey, step one is complete for reinstalling WinXP. The GParted LiveCD was very helpful in rearranging all of my partitions. My only complaint is that ipw2200 wireless support is broken for Knoppix 5.1.1. Otherwise, I would have used the Knoppix disk instead. GParted has saved me a couple of times from reinstalling Gentoo because I…

  • comment spam digs Web 2.0’s grave

    Comments are disabled. So much for all that spiffy Web2.0 business set to take over the world.

  • Wireshark 0.99.5 fails on GCC 3.4.6

    Wireshark hit a compatibility issue with gcc 3.4.6. For now, wireshark doesn’t compile. A fix will probably be ready soon, but this brings up another issue. I am being held at gcc 3.4.6 by Qemu which has some basic design problems with GCC4. Unfortunately, a permanent fix seems to be unsolvable because the permanent solutions…

  • CharterComm, thy services are no longer required

    At my house we have Cable TV and Internet services through Charter Communications. In the last several weeks, Charter changed the behavior of their DNS to return a Charter-branded Yahoo! search page if the domain was invalid. This is bad because; one, it breaks the address bar search; two, I want Google; three, another example…

  • Yet another way to break WEP Encryption

    WEP has been broken for many years but there’s still some one that enjoys taking all the broken pieces and smashing them into even smaller pieces. The new attack requires the active injection of arp packets by the attacker. Which leaves the attacker open for discovery by an IDS installed on the victim network. The…

  • Show some love to Sascha

    Sascha Hlusiak took maintainership of the xf86-input-joystick driver. v1.1 had been unmaintained for a long time and didn’t work. When I saw the update come down the pipe I jumped on it. v1.2 works excellently, yay!