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Server coming online

By morning (Jan 4), the UPS will be fully charged and I’ll boot the server when I wake up. The process of updating the whole server will be major brain surgery and it’ll be an all day task.


  • Put the server online the morning of 1/4/2008.
  • Update the system software first, then other miscellaneous software last.

The primary planned purposes for this server will be a local rsync/distfiles cache. Setup regular cron jobs to rsync two or three times a week. Possibly also a DNS/DHCP server, but one thing at a time (remember Change Management!).



I bought the UPS I was itching for in the last post. I’ve got it connected and the SimpleTech NAS is running on it now. Tomorrow morning, I’ll start the computer and begin the long process of updating it. The computer hasn’t been maintained in many months so I’m gonna use this guide in the Gentoo docs to help me. It beats doing a clean install.

I also created a new category to publish downtime/maintenance notices and server software updates. Mozilla blogs all of their scheduled maintenance and the expected changes during that time. Doing Change Management correctly takes discipline. Discipline not to make changes on a whim. Discipline to document everything in detail.