After I got off work Saturday morning, I helped the local basketball league (HCCYBL) get their website setup. Go check it out. It uses WordPress, makes updating much easier for the common person.


Coffee Can universe

Frosty posted a weird video about folding space to reach the tenth dimension.

Gopher wrote

No offense, Frosty, but it’s a bunch of theoretical math with no practical application to reality.

Then Frosty reveals the mad scientist waiting to come out.

Frosty wrote

I don’t know about that. I am trying to create my own universe. Since it creates it’s own space I can keep it in a coffee can. The practical application would be that I get to be the God of a universe.

Leap frogging Global Domination Frosty goes straight to Universal Domination!

Gopher Baroque wrote

Post a picture when you get done. I’ll let the “Men in Black” know about it

Men in Black
Men in Black

Colonel Claus wrote

[…] Frosty when you get yopur univsrse made let me know , I’ll hang it on the collar of me daughters cat.


What project?

I think this is going to be a regular theme highlighting threads on Hoptownhall. Just in one day there were two good threads worth bringing out.

Hoptownhall has a circle of people who are either active military now or were in the past. So much that HTH gained a dedicated military sub-forum. OODA starts a new thread saying he’s leaving on a mysterious new “thing” happening.

Hey guys,

I’m punchin’ out for a few weeks – getting ready for something early next year. Keep it real and keep up the pressure. I’ll check in when I return.



A couple of weeks later OODA is back and lester replies.

Did you get my PMs? All is well here and I will take care of that project for you.

Frosty’s smartaleck reply

What project?

Here comes the punch line from lester

It really isn’t any of your business, but I will give you a sneak peak. Here it is:

lester's project
lester's project

Now we know why Osama Bin laden hasn’t been found. Lester’s project isn’t completed yet! :D Gopher Baroque’s comment also bears mentioning.

Frosty, you are acting like a boil on the butt of humanity…

All in all a very entertaining thread. Interesting that Frosty deleted his own comment after Gopher made his. I’ve seen him do that several times for no apparent reason.

everything else rant

Chinese protestors submit their paperwork. Disappear the next day. Duh!

Xinhua, the state news agency, reported that 77 people submitted protest applications, none of which were approved. Xinhua, quoting a Public Security spokesperson, said all but three applicants dropped their requests after their complaint was “properly addressed by relevant authorities or departments through consultations.” The last three applications were rejected as incomplete or violating Chinese law.

But the authorities have refused to explain what happened to applicants who disappeared after they submitted their paperwork. Gao Chuancai, a farmer from northeast China who was hoping to publicize government corruption, was forcibly escorted back to his hometown last week and remains in custody.

Submitting a request to protest? Surely not! Submitting an application with my full name, address, and details about why I want to protest to a government that wishes to crush any dissent seems like a excellent idea. After all when I’m carted off in the dead of night I want to make sure I go to the “Internet free speech” labor camp not the “Tibetan independence” labor camp. That would really be awkward.


Ditto Ben Franklin

I have visited Ben Franklin also. Mom was intrigued that there would one less reason to make a trip to Wal-mart. Our most recent trip we went looking for a picture frame but left empty handed. Eventually, the store will have the ability to make custom frames. However, when the shop was putting the framing table together they fitted the table top surface and the weight caused it to crack. They are waiting for new parts and will try again.

Computing hopkinsville

WKDZ Podcast!

During November of 2007 I noticed that WKDZ Radio was posting mp3’s of their morning/afternoon news programs. I was disappointed though when none of the RSS feeds on the WKDZ Audio Rack were useful podcast feeds. I emailed the contact person for Audio Rack blog and the response was simply that posting the mp3’s was a new thing for the radio station and a podcast would be coming soon. Not quite a year later, I checked WKDZ again and found out they had a feed going since at least the beginning of July.

Unfortunately, my tastes in podcasts are extremely limited. Seven of the ten podcasts I listen to belong on Not for lack of searching, I’ve tried NPR podcasts, Revision3, and a few others. I just seem to have a fixation for content from Leo Laporte and John C. Dvorak. Well, I listened to one installment of the WKDZ program and it’s a winner for me.

Eric’s Top Ten *casts (Rough order of preference).


Batman as a political analogy

There was a thread started on HoptownHall when “The Dark Knight” debuted in theaters. It stayed fairly on topic until Falstaff announced that Batman was actually George W. Bush. Needless to say the whole discussion swerved sharply into philosophical/political areas. Read on for more discussion/Batman spoilers.

hopkinsville rant

The lottery as an investment vehicle

A Lucky Location? –KNE

Photos By Danny Vowell | Kentucky New Era Sandy Tutt smiles while she scratches a lottery ticket Thursday afternoon at Skyline Fuel on Skyline Drive in Hopkinsville. “I play (the lottery) when it hits me,” Tutt said. “I don’t get mad. If I spend $20 and get $10 back, it’s good.”

Sounds like great investment advice to me. If the lottery were just a game, but that is not how people play it.

The spike in lottery ticket sales coincides with a tough economy and higher gas and food prices.

“Folks are looking for a bail-out,” said Jim Adams,   general manager of Christian radio station WNKJ in Hopkinsville and an opponent of the lottery in Kentucky. “People are taking their food money and their gas money and gambling with it, hoping to win.”

Some studies have shown that food purchases go down when lottery purchases increase, said Adams.

Play Responsibly. Remember, it’s just a game.