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Month: January 2009

  • The Iceman Cometh

    On January 27, 2009 we have had the worst ice storm in several years. In the days preceding, phrases such as “10-year ice storm” and “the worst storm since ’94” have been heard. Some areas have been very hard hit. Based on police scanner chatter northern parts of Christian County are worse off than southern…

  • Stooges in History

    While visiting Iraq during the final weeks of his presidency, George W. Bush was attacked by an Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes during a press conference. I know you have all seen the public video of what happened. However, I have a recently discovered image that reveals stunning new information about the man’s true purpose.

  • The Book of Ruth movie

    There is a new movie coming out in March 2009 based on the biblical Book of Ruth. The trailer I found on youtube looks really interesting.