Educating More Little Obamas

I made a comment on HoptownHall in March regarding possible stimulus funding to build a new middle school.

[…] I also notice that building the new middle school is one of the leading projects. I swear if we have to rename CCMS to Obama Middle School because we took Federal funding that would be justification to get out the pitchforks and torches.  /sarcasm

Contemplating the Obama Middle School of Christian county wasn’t a pleasant thought.  The news now is that a school district in Minnesota is considering naming a elementary school after Obama.

The Saint Paul School Board is considering changing Webster Magnet to “Barack And Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary School”.

Leaders at Webster Magnet School say they want their name change to reflect the school’s renewed focus on teaching students about community service.

One name being considered is the “Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary School.” The other option is to call it “Webster Service Learning Elementary.”

The next amazing fact is that if Webster Magnet is renamed to the Obama School it’ll actually be the second school to be renamed. The Obama worship that is happening in contemporary society is very destructive to public debate. Public debate itself has been shaped to maintain a false range of choices. Couple this with the lack of mass education related to economics and history. It makes for a society that will welcome our new overlords.