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Month: June 2009

  • August Heat?

    Hot or cold? If you had a choice to freeze your butt off in the dead of winter or melt away under a scorching sun what would be your choice? In Kentucky, you can do both in the span of twelve months. (Kentucky winters have been extremely mild for the past several years until this…

  • TARP was a criminal fraud!

    I read this on the Kentucky Law Review blog: Was there a financial need, and was it real, perceived, or fictional? Was there a financial panic at the bank or just a bunch of pecuniary lemmings running off the cliff and now that they have hit the water, they do not want anything to do…

  • Obamaman

    A new superhero for hopenchange in our time.

  • Soap Box Derby: Oil Can cars

    Check out the video of the crazy collision that happened at the end of the track. Several of the oil can drivers dressed up in costume. Some examples were Snoopy and Beetle Bailey making an unexpected appearance. It was a good day all around. Can’t wait till next year!

  • Soap Box Derby: Stock, Super Stock, and Masters

    Had a lot of fun watching the fourth annual soap box derby. I think the rain held off long enough for all the races to finish. I left before it was completely over but it didn’t start raining till a couple hours later. The highlight of the day was definitely the oil can races. A…

  • Happy Birthday to me

    My Birthday was yesterday (June 5th). Some interesting facts about June 5th are: Ronald Reagan passed away on this day in 2004. Via Wikipedia On this day in 1933, the right of creditors to receive payment in Gold was eliminated. Seems fitting. Pancho Villa was born on the 5th in 1878.