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Coming up for Air

I’ve been terribly busy at work dealing with Christmas. Today was the first time I have come home before nightfall for the past two weeks. Looking forward two days from now, I eagerly anticipate opening my Christmas presents.

Archos-5-angle_sI’m old enough that Christmas is not a surprise anymore. In November, I decided what I wanted and ordered it. The object in question is an Archos 5 60GB tablet. The device is comparable to an iPod Touch. I’m really excited about the Archos because I have watched the new touch devices come on the market. I think the technology has developed enough that I won’t get buyer’s remorse when they release next year’s model. The device I bought is actually last year’s model. The current model is much more expensive and it runs Google’s Android operating system. In addition to the device itself I also bought an attachment that includes a microphone to record speech with. If it works like I want it to I’ll be posting mp3’s of sermons from church.


Christmas Parade 2009

Unfortunately, it seems I damaged my camera during the parade this year. Temperatures were below freezing this morning and while I was still shooting pictures the camera stopped working. I got home and transferred the photos on to my laptop like normal but the camera still fails to capture any image at all. :(

Update: I made a quick trip to OfficeMax and bought a new Olympus. I didn’t like spending the money but I can’t go without my camera.

Sigh… Well, I will share with you what I did capture.