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Month: February 2010

  • Forty Nine Dollars

    Seen at the Peddler’s Mall… It’s a suit of armor… uhmm, yeah. Nuff’ said. ;)

  • EM Interference with EnergyNet

    During July of 2009, I predicted I would have problem with radio/electro-magnetic interference using the HES EnergyNet Internet service. However, Energynet will suffer from the same faults of a crowded 2.4 Ghz band that includes routers, wireless phone handsets, and microwave ovens. This is definitely true for microwave ovens. The wireless is completely unusable while…

  • Peddler’s Mall Re-Opens

    The Peddler Mall is a flea market style business housed inside the old Wal-mart building. Independent vendors rent booths inside to sell whatever products they wish. The building stood empty for many years after the new Super Center was built while Wal-mart maintained ownership of it. In 2005, The first owner was evicted after he…

  • Snowy Farmland

    I had a chance on Tuesday to take some photography of an open field on the outer limits of Hopkinsville. The barn and buildings in the distance belong to the Amish that live in the area. While I was writing the blog post for the church I found a passage in the book of Job…