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Month: April 2010

  • Is WKAG still independent?

    NEW WAVE COMMUNICATIONS IS PURCHASING LOW POWER HOPKINSVILLE TV STATION WKAG EFFECTIVE MAY 1ST, WITH NEW WAVE SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER STEVE BUTTRAM TO BECOME THE GENERAL MANAGER OF THE STATION. I think it’s rather obvious that something had to happen or else WKAG would shutdown completely. What does this mean for the station’s news…

  • Tea Party Video

    Here’s video of two speeches Bill Streets and Dr. John McCubbin.

  • Hopkinsville Tea Party photos

    Here is a selection of all the photos I took on Tax Day. The rest I am uploading to Picasa. I have video of two speeches that will be coming soon also.

  • Interest-free loans and Unicorns

    Again with the “interest-free” nonsense. The new middle school is going to be built with interest-free bonds funded with Federal stimulus dollars. IF THE DISTRICT HAD USED A TRADITIONAL BOND PROGRAM TO FINANCE THE NEW SCHOOL, THE FINAL BILL WOULD HAVE BEEN ROUGHLY 41-MILLION DOLLARS, BUT WITH THE 14-MILLION DOLLARS SAVED FROM NOT PAYING INTEREST…

  • Get Green, Go Broke

    A few years ago I got on the CFL bandwagon believing they were a good idea. Today, the house has been fully installed with CFL bulbs. They suck big time. CFL bulbs are not any brighter than incandescent bulbs. I don’t believe they burn long enough to be a cost saver. That’s the general problem…