If it wasn’t broke why did you fix it?

In the course of Life the Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. Flowers bloom in Spring and they die in the Autumn. So it must be also for WordPress themes…

ummm, yeah we don’t need anymore of that. My previous theme has been in use for over a year. At that time, a commenter promised that maintainership was being transferred so that new releases would continue in the future. A year later there are still no signs of life to be found. I then started to seriously look at new themes for the church website and the BrakeBlog.

Blog.txt theme
Blog.txt rendered to be unmaintained.

When I started browsing the directory on for ideas I had two goals in mind.

  1. The church website and BrakeBlog would be dramatically different from each other after I make these changes. To be clear that the BrakeBlog and the church website are not the same.
  2. I wanted at least one theme to have a customizable image in the header.

The new theme for the church is very different from Blog.txt. Zenlite is a single column blog with no sidebar. The header is easily changeable to keep the website looking fresh. Several of the items that were in the sidebar had to be moved, unfortunately.

On this site, Simplish is very close in style to blog.txt. So close that it was a drop-in replacement. I may consider changing the fonts to those used by blog.txt. I like the look of Sans Serif-based fonts over Serif fonts.


Little River Days 2010

Pioneer’s barbeque was as good as ever.


Watching the rising water

Hopkinsville is forecast to get up to 10 inches of rain in two days. This prediction may yet come true because we’ve received 4 inches just on Saturday. There will be still more rain  tonight and Sunday.

rain gauge
4.5 inches in the Rain Gauge

You can watch the Little River grow to be the not-so-little river online. Your tax dollar at work.