Spam bots Held Hostage

mafia prisoner
Spam: Prisoner of the Mafia

Some spam comments are just gibberish, others attempt to flatter me with generic praise. On Sunday, I received a unique comment via the church blog begging me not to ignore it.

HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia xyzrxyz [deleted] enlargement xyzrxyz and being forced to post spam comments on blogs and forum! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. xyzrxyz [deleted] enlargement xyzrxyz They’re  coming back now. xyzrxyz [deleted] xyzrxyz Please send help!

Nice try. Still didn’t get past the spam filter though. When the Russians do show up this is the song you should sing as your being dragged away.


AT&T Gets the Last Laugh

ATT Cell tower site
Proposed AT&T Cell Tower

Last week AT&T posted this sign on Skyline drive announcing a possible site for a new cell tower. I only find it interesting because the New Wave Communications cable office will be directly in the shadow of this tower.

New Wave Office
New Wave Office

New Wave and AT&T already have a significant amount of history together. I don’t know what AT&T’s process is for choosing cell sites. It could be entirely independent of New Wave’s presence. I just think it’s funny that New Wave employees will be baking under the warm rays of a GSM transmitter above their heads.

Wikipedia says I’m completely wrong about the power output from a cell tower.

The average energy received over the entire earth is about 250 Watts per square meter over a 24 hour day, ignoring clouds. So, on a day with no clouds, the average electromagnetic energy received from the Sun is 25,000 times that received near a cell phone tower.

Wikipedia is probably right but I still find it amusing and that’s all I got to say. :)

hopkinsville rant

Work Now solves the Wrong Problem the Wrong Way

President Obama sprinkled some more money from Heaven his Stash. The Work Now program offered by the WKWIB subsidizes the wages of unemployed parents for a two month period. Julie Andrews claims these employees are ‘free’ to the employers who hire these temporary workers but this is not true and it never will be true. First of all, the five million dollars used to fund this program had to be confiscated from other businesses that haven’t failed yet. There is no net economic gain to moving money from one pocket to another; in fact this transaction results in a net loss because the government takes a dollar from Company A and gives a dime to Company B. Second, companies don’t need help in finding employees. Human Resources is already jammed full of job applications that will never get interviewed because they have no plans to hire for the foreseeable future. Companies only hire new employees when there is demand for new product and not a moment sooner. If the Democrats were interested in creating jobs they could do so at the stroke of a pen.

Jindal vs. Obama: Time to End the Drilling Moratorium

Obama’s Offshore Moratorium Continues Killing Jobs in the Gulf
EPA Regulations Cause Drought in California

End the Moratorium Now! America has all of the oil we need if we remove the regulations that prevent us from drilling.


Why is America Different?

Remember what Independence day means; despite what our post-American President says. America is unique among all the nations of the world.

Below are a selection of photos from the West KY State Fair’s fireworks display. I have many more posted on Picasa. Using a small table top tripod I was able to keep the camera steady. The Olympus camera I have offers a ‘fireworks’ mode for long exposures. The first three photos below were taken in total darkness yet details of objects on the ground come through very clearly. My favorite among all of last night’s pictures is number 84. The photo has a fire-from-the-sky slash post-apocalyptic style.