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Month: August 2010

  • Murano Passes Aggressive Crash Test

    Early this morning, an elderly woman drove her Nissan Murano through the front door of the Hopkinsville Post Office. Neither the driver or USPS employees were seriously injured. This incident raises several questions. Why is it so common for people to crash their cars into buildings while they are maneuvering in a parking lot? Elderly…

  • Suffer the Consequences of Political Correctness

    In April of this year the Transportation Director for Christian County Public Schools was terminated due to allegations of sexual harrassment. The Board of Education did not even have the courage to say publicly why Elzie Pollard was being canned. HUNEYCUTT SAID SHE COULD NOT COMMENT ON WHY POLLARD WAS PLACED ON LEAVE OR WHEN…

  • Worse Than Herding Cats

    During the previous weekend, I was up to my neck in a sea of preteens. I was asked to lead a group of children through vacation bible school to each of their stations. The whole experience was an ordeal best left as an annual event because it takes a year to recover from it. ;)