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Month: October 2010

  • Manson?

    As seen in Hopkinsville, this vanity license plate reads “MANSON”. It’s up to the reader to decide whether the driver prefers Marilyn or Charles. Either MM or CM are equally disturbing to me. If somebody has any ideas what ‘MANSON’ could mean in a different context. I am interested, but I don’t wish to publicly…

  • Rand Paul comes to Hopkinsville

    This is a teaser video for the big Rand Paul speech to come later. The upload to youtube failed last night and I was only able to post this sweep of the crowd that came to the TEA party. Check back later! Updated: The video of Dr. Paul’s speech is now online.

  • Newspaper Fail

    The story about a gun being brought into Christian County High School was buried on page A6. While the headline for the same day trumpeted the failing test scores at CCHS. FAIL!