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Non-story Published as News

Update: Source16 TV

Put this in the Dog-Bites-Man category of desperate news reporting. WKDZ is reporting that a 2.4 magnitude earthquake occurred near Paducah on March 24th. The earthquake was felt by no one and no damage was caused by this non-quake earthquake. Somebody tell me where is the story on this?

madrid earthquakes
39 quakes

During the last week there were 38 earthquakes in this region surrounding the Madrid fault that no one cared about. Where is the love for them if that one in Paducah was so important?

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Doesn’t mean anything

There was a fake controversy some months ago related to the Google Suggest feature. Some people were upset that the suggestions for “Christianity is” were negative while the same for “Islam is” were not. To please everybody involved Google fixed it so that the suggest feature was equally negative for both Christianity and Islam.

Only mildly related is the fact that Bing search copied the same feature. What pops up in Bing has little to no importance but it is still amusing.

If you type in “Christian Heights” one of the suggestions is Christian Heights United Methodist Church. I am the maintainer of the CHUMC website and I like the way Bing search is thinking. :)

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Bing recommends CHUMC