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Human Behavior Changes When Gas Hits Four Dollars


I buy gas every two weeks like clockwork. This week’s experience was very different from any other week. I typically buy gas early on a Saturday morning right after I leave the grocery store. The Kroger gas station I fill up at has 8 pumps available and if there are one or two people already at the pump it’s no big deal. It was very different today, two pumps were broken leaving only six available. Every pump was busy with at least one other person waiting behind them. I tried again that afternoon after lunch with the same result. Every pump was busy… I did eventually fill up at a nearby Shell station that wasn’t quite as busy. When I got up Sunday morning there were already two people waiting at a gas station near my house even though it wasn’t going to open for another 30 minutes!

Does this story mean that every gas pump in Hopkinsville was busy all day yesterday? No. I didn’t visit every gas station to know that but I do know what I feel when gas is difficult to buy. There is just a hint of desperation in the air.