One Of Our Number

Correction: T’Marcus actually isn’t the person that I thought he was when I wrote this post. I looked through all of my yearbooks and couldn’t find him in high school. I thought I was crazy until I went further back and looked in my middle school yearbooks. I finally found him at HMS but he didn’t follow me to Hopkinsville High. He must have moved to County, instead. It is strange that I remember him after all these years.

Hopkinsville Police are looking for a suspect believed to be the man responsible for a murder on East 17th Street Sunday afternoon.

Lieutenant Michael Felts says police are looking for 28-year old T’Marcus Hall, who is a black male standing about 6-5 and weighing around 280 pounds. Hall allegedly stabbed a woman identified as Autumn Rollins multiple times, with her body found at 208 East 17th, Apartment 2 just after 5pm. Police say Hall is the father of the victim’s child.

Hall is believed to be in a 2006 Dodge Charger with Kentucky tags 060 LLM. Officers believe Bell [sic] has fled the city, but do not know to where. Anyone knowing Hall’s whereabouts should call 911 immediately.