The Old Workhorse Meets His Replacement


Old vs New
Old vs NewÂ

The old laptop on the left is an HP Pavilion dv4000 and the new one on the right is a Dell Inspiron N5010. The HP has been through the battle and it came out only slightly dinged. A piece of molding on the left side is broke off and there is a wear mark on the right side of the touch pad where my hand always rested. The Intel graphics are old enough that they are no longer supported by the 2.6.38 Linux kernel. Finally, the main reason why I replaced the HP is that the cd burner started throwing errors when I was burning sermons on disk for church.

broken molding on laptop
broken molding on laptop

Those are all of the things wrong with the laptop but that wouldn’t prevent it from being useful in retirement. Once I have the Dell setup and I’m at home using it. I will give the old laptop to my mom for her to use. The HP is still a fast machine good for web surfing and email.