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ATT U-Verse Silliness

I was there Monday night at the product demonstration for AT&T’s U-verse service. I think the Archos 5 performed fairly well to record the meeting. What I have is the full length U-verse demonstration given by Brian Claimer and the question/answer session that happened afterward.

AT&T U-Verse Presentation

AT&T U-Verse Q&A Discussion

In my opinion, the lawsuits flying between the city/New Wave and AT&T are retrograde in their reasoning. The city seems to be more concerned in protecting New Wave’s interests than the interests of the citizens. Using any decent Internet connection it’s already possible to watch full-length cable network content. The plan that AT&T laid out is not very much different than what other companies have already introduced. The Roku Set top box is meant to deliver video from a variety of Internet sources. Both of these examples are completely unregulated. Would the city council have me believe that watching TV on is now illegal because they haven’t bought a franchise? AT&T should be allowed to offer it’s new video service because technology is advancing to quickly make the dispute irrelevant.