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Contractor Arrives Unprepared becomes a COVID-19 Stat

Male “Karen” Cancels His Flooring Contractor

This opinion piece was published by the Hoptown Chronicle on June 23, 2020. I read it and thought neither the author nor the contractor were acting rationally. The author lives within an Establishment belief system that probably includes listening to NPR, network or cable news.

Your not wearing a mask! I want to speak with your manager.


In the United States, 122,000 people have died to date from COVID-19 in roughly four months, versus at most half than many from over the course of year from the flu. If facts matter.

Mark Neikirk (Hoptown Chronicle)

There is a significant difference between dying while infected with COVID-19 and dying of it. I already wrote about the story of an infant dying of SIDS, but the death was counted as COVID-19 because “CDC regulations”. The mainstream media lie and gaslight the public because the binary Red vs. Blue structure makes profit for them and destroys relationships for everyone else. The only way to see reality is to leave that structure entirely. Forget the CNNMSNBCFOXNBCABCCBS network, Fox News is corporate news just like CNN and both follow the same script.

Unprepared Contractor Doesn’t Get Work

A flooring contractor came to our house this week to measure, wearing no mask.
Our dialogue went like this:
“Do you have one?”
“OK. We can reschedule. Will you call?”
“Don’t know. I’ve been doing this since this nonsense started and I haven’t seen anyone sick yet.”

“Thank you, but we have friends who have died and been on ventilators, and we have compromised immune systems in our household.”
“Yeah, well, how many of them had underlying issues â€” and (he had a big number) people died from the flu and they didn’t say crap about that.”

Mark Neikirk (Hoptown Chronicle)

Being self-employed myself I see several problems with this conversation that make it unrealistic. First, I don’t believe any self-employed individual would go to a job site without having a mask available in their vehicle. The contractor can believe that masks are stupid and unnecessary, but if your customer wants you to wear a mask then you wear the mask while your on location. Second, the contractor tries to justify his unpreparedness by challenging the customer in a political argument. Don’t discuss politics with a customer. Who does this?!

The author of this editorial lives in a mainstream news bubble. Which he has a right to believe what he wants to, you can’t cancel me for doing the same thing. The contractor in this story arrived on-site unprepared and the homeowner (his employer) will find another to do the work. Simple, happens everyday with or without COVID-19. Frankly, I don’t believe the author had this conversation with a contractor anyway.