Murano Passes Aggressive Crash Test

Murano Post office
Credit to Danny Vowell - KNE

Early this morning, an elderly woman drove her Nissan Murano through the front door of the Hopkinsville Post Office. Neither the driver or USPS employees were seriously injured. This incident raises several questions. Why is it so common for people to crash their cars into buildings while they are maneuvering in a parking lot? Elderly drivers often have this problem but it is not exclusive to the elderly.

Murano Exit
Credit to Danny Vowell - KNE

Another question I have is why did the people on-scene turn the vehicle around inside the building and drive it out the same way it came in? Wouldn’t you expect they’d put the car in neutral and pull it out backwards with a winch? Finally, we should give credit to the Nissan Motor company for building such a sturdy vehicle. The Murano was completely undamaged except for a dent in the bumper on the left side and the black molding under the bumper was broken.

I took these when I left work the same afternoon. There was already a construction guy there planning how to make repairs.