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Sound Check!!

Today is the day that I record using my new digital recorder. Samples of both recordings are below. I thought I’d share the old way of recording the worship service and the new and improved way.

Archos 5
Archos 5 on the pulpit

Using the Archos 5 is simple but the device is limited. Sound quality is excellent if the person is standing nearby the microphone. I think I can do better.

zoom h1 and mixer
Zoom H1 and mixer

The sound system at Christian Heights has three microphones, one for each podium and a wireless mic that the pastor wears. This adds up to much better coverage for everyone who might speak during the service.  Download both audio samples here: Archos SampleZoom Sample

Both files have been normalized and compressed in the same manner. When I listen to both files I notice that the Archos has more room noise. Mostly due to it sitting on the main podium while the man in the recording is standing at the other one. I am satisfied with how the Zoom H1 performed. Next week, I will make some adjustments and this will become the primary means of recording.