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bird hit on windshield

Three Birds

bird hit on windshield
June 20th bird hit

I experienced my third bird strike in four weeks against my car. The first one happened on June 20th on my way home from work. I thought it was crazy but considered it a random event. The next bird hit me on my way to church on June 26th. I was driving in town so I was going much slower than highway speeds like last time. The bird should have had time to avoid me. This time I thought they must be out to get me since I knocked down a partial nest at my house.

bird hits windshield second time
June 26th Bird strike

On July 11th, I was driving into work being very concerned and tense about leaving my job of eight years and starting a new job next week. I was going about 45 mph on a twisty country road slightly less than my usual pace. Bird number three decides to leave the tree that it is sitting in and flies into my path. It makes a very deliberate turn in front of me and opens its wings as if it were going to land on the windshield right in my face.

All three of the birds have hit on the driver-side door frame in the same exact way. The third bird was distinctive because it was solid black. I turned in my letter and left work about an hour later. When I was back home I sat down and considered what had happened. I don’t believe anything that happens three times with such deliberate action is random. Experiencing life with Amy and now without her has taught me to pay attention. I read up on bird omens, birds flying toward the observer is supposed to be a good sign.

Should the bird or birds fly straight at you, it means they will bring you good luck (windfall, blessings etc.) with them.

While staying away from mysticism, I also recognize when a message is being sent.