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Teenagers hold-up Dollar Store

Three female teenagers walked into a Dollar Store in Ohio and tried to rob it. They were refused when store employees said they couldn’t get into the safe. The teenagers left empty handed and were arrested about a mile away.

When a manager claimed that she could not open the store safe, the alleged robbers–Jocelyn Addison, 19; Nia McBrayer, 21; and Jenniffer Watson, 18–departed empty-handed. Though the downloaded list was clearly written tongue-in-cheek, the suspects, who had masks, a plan, and a bb gun, apparently followed some of its suggestions.

You can read the instructions they used at I’m of the opinion when teenagers do stupid stunts like this they should spend a night in real prison, share space with other prisoners. I wouldn’t let it go so far as let the kids get hurt while their inside the prison but I think they ought to have a personal experience.