Maintenance: 5/23/2008


These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating world dependencies  .  ... done!
[ebuild     U ] net-ftp/ftpbase-0.01-r1 [0.01] USE="pam" 0 kB
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libgpg-error-1.6  USE="nls" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-arch/tar-1.20 [1.19-r1] USE="nls -static" 1,868 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-admin/sudo-1.6.9_p13 [1.6.8_p12-r1] USE="pam -ldap -offensive (-selinux) -skey" 0 kB
[ebuild  NS   ] sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.6.24-r8  USE="-build -symlink" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-devel/libperl-5.8.8-r2 [5.8.8-r1] USE="berkdb gdbm -debug -ithreads" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] dev-lang/perl-5.8.8-r5 [5.8.8-r4] USE="berkdb gdbm -build -debug -doc -ithreads -perlsuid" 0 kB
[ebuild  N    ] dev-libs/libgcrypt-1.4.0-r1  USE="nls -bindist -idea" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-libs/libpcap-0.9.8-r1 [0.9.8] USE="-ipv6" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-print/cups-1.3.7-r1 [1.2.12-r8] USE="acl%* nls pam perl%* ppds python%* -X -avahi% -dbus -java% -jpeg -kerberos% -ldap -php -png -samba -slp -ssl -static% -tiff -zeroconf%" LINGUAS="-de% -en% -es% -et% -fr% -he% -it% -ja% -pl% -sv% -zh_TW%" 3,805 kB

Total: 10 packages (7 upgrades, 2 new, 1 in new slot), Size of downloads: 5,673 kB

Been awhile since I last upgraded the server.