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The Belkin is dead! Live Long Linksys!

This past Sunday I was unfortunate enough to watch the untimely death of my old Belkin wireless router. I wasn’t sad to watch it go but I did miss having my wireless available. That afternoon when I was deciding what I wanted to replace it with I didn’t want to go the “El Cheapo” route again. So what better choice was there than the very hackable Linksys WRT54GL. Newegg shipping was fast; I bought it on Sunday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday. The Linksys was quick to setup without using the included setup disk. However, since it was too easy setting it up with factory firmware. I’m going to push my luck and try installing the DD-WRT firmware. Some of my most wanted features from DD-WRT are the full-featured NTP, DHCP, and DNS daemons. NTP and DNS I already run on a box in the house it would be nice to move those services to a silent blue box sitting on the desk. DHCP support on most routers is anemic at best but with the new firmware I’ll have the power of a full-fledged daemon to configure.