Documentation is often the most neglected part of a project because it’s easy to “just to do it” and jump to the next thing. It’ll come back to bite me though if I ever had to restore the laptop from scratch. So far I’ve got a seed started on describing the config of my laptop. I’m trying not to duplicate info found elsewhere. I’d rather link to more extensive documentation and use this page to document changes specific to my laptop.

I’d also like to say the auto-thumbnailing function when I upload a image to WordPress is wonderful. I’m used to doing manually. I wish I switched from blogger a long time ago.

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I am alive

New wordpress blog installed. This website has been dead for a year or more and I finally decided to start using it again. After all, I was paying for it to be idle. To prevent this website from going dead again using it for something useful might help. The previous blogger blog was only a place for rants and little else. On WordPress I want to document problems/issues and their solutions while using Gentoo Linux, my favorite distro. With the occassional rant obviously. :) After some time, I want this website to be where I search “how did I fix that?” when the same thing happens six months later. WordPress is a nice piece of software, thanks.