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Closing the Gap

A user called “Informed” on Hoptownhall made a comment that I simply must react to. I don’t post this in the thread itself because I would prefer more knowledgable people debate this in the main thread. Anything I say here is more like a shout from the peanut gallery. From previous posts Informed is obviously an administrator from the Board of Education and most often tows the party line regarding board policy.

beanie wrote:
if this model is being used to bridge the gap for all types of students falling behind, then it should not be titled or lead people to believe that it is geared towards just “African American” students. i think that is the problem many of us have with it…it is discriminatory in addressing only the shortcomings and needs of one group while ignoring the need for structure/help for students that are underachieving- of all type.

Informed wrote:
Actually, the district is following a state and national mandate to address the achievement gaps that exist and are identified by “No Child Left Behind” data. If the district does not address the specific gaps – they are out of compliance. The specific gaps in Christian County are Afican American students and Students with Disabilities. The document referred to on this site has two sections – 1. Strategies to address the African American achievement gap and 2. Strategies to address the Students with Disabilities achievement gap. The district is not being discriminatory in addressing the shortcomings of these two students groups – the district is following the law established by NCLB and the federal government.

By law, the district must address the needs of these students in the GAP and try to meet their needs. Be informed before you post on this site.

“The district is not being discriminatory in addressing the shortcomings of these two students groups -“

Given that I am uninformed about the details of NCLB. My impression based on the chatter I read from others is that NCLB is designed to improve the scores of the lowest performing students. So that all students demographic groups, in theory, will reach a designated level of proficiency. Notice that due to Federal and State law the schools are in the business of educating a demographic not students. If your not in this blessed group of needy individuals then your just SOL. From my personal experience as a product of the public school system I know there is a vast group of C-level and B-level students that simply slide through high school with no effort at all. The classroom level teachers typically give copious amounts of extra credit.

“Be informed before you post on this site.”

Simply obnoxious behavior.