Computing rant

Hardware is Fragile

I’m gonna give up on working with computer hardware. Certainly there are more ways to destroy a circuit board than there are grains of sand in the ocean. After buying my brand new Shuttle PC; I had the bright idea that I was going to install a second hard drive. After several minutes working on the machine with the case off I realized some metal shavings might have fallen on to the motherboard below. I turned the machine upside down to try and shakeout anything that might have fallen. I even retrieved my trusty can of compressed air to again blow out any foreign matter. I never did get that hard drive installed.

The next day I was rewarded when I booted the computer and the graphical grub splash screen failed to load. When I hit enter the computer booted normally except that the text was garbled for several seconds during the early stage of booting. With great sadness, I thought for sure I had shortted out the video permanently.

Wait one moment though! Most recently tonight, I again booted the computer and now the grub splash screen loads correctly. What a relief! I hope strongly that I didn’t do any permanent damage. I should know after working for a short time at the Computer Shop that I am no good at hardware at all.