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social distancing by the us army

Mr. Burns Plan for Safe Citizens

PHASE ONE: The general public of the United States has been experiencing a fear campaign designed by Mr. Burns’ like nothing in recent memory. Since at least March 11, 2020 the public was told that millions of people would die if they did not shutdown every aspect of life and shelter-in-place in their homes. After four plus weeks of being “safer at home” millions of people have not died, but that does not matter. Mr. Burns’ plan has achieved the effect of killing millions of people without actually doing it. Superbly efficient! The primary successes of Phase One being the shuttering of Churches nationwide, desolation of large businesses, and small businesses across this country.

Separation and Division

PHASE TWO: Public gatherings at churches, social clubs, and even casual meetings at the local store are natural behaviors that promote social cohesion and unity. That is why Mr. Burns’ plan will mandate the concept of “Social Distancing” the goal being to physically and psychically separate one person from every other person. The Committee will also encourage the use of social media and technology-based forms of interaction because preliminary research indicates it enhances the affect of isolation and loneliness on individuals.

If this is the zombie apocalypse, I've decided the zombies are the people who are not taking the threat of covid seriously and refuse to take proper precautions. Stay far away from them since they actually have the power to sicken and kill you or your loved ones. #healthyathome #teamkentucky
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In Phase One fear of an unseen, amorphous enemy (Coronavirus later re-branded to Covid-19) was introduced which The Committee can leverage to direct public suspicion on to any arbitrary group or class of people. The most important group which needs to be undermined immediately will be the skeptics and people who refuse to accept the programming The Committee broadcasts via mainstream news.

Future Control Methods

PHASE THREE: While the Public will be released from their confinement in due time. The Committee will continue directing the safe behaviors necessary after Covid-19 extreme measures have been lifted. Behavior modification that began in Phase one will be monitored by three mechanisms: Vaccination/testing, Contact Tracing, and Safe Citizen reporting.

  1. Vaccination and Testing – As a requirement for returning to work every citizen will be required to have proof of their immunity. At the time of vaccination the citizen will be marked with a quantum dot tattoo. Alternatively, if the citizen tests positive for the Covid-19 antibody they will receive a digital certificate.
  2. Mobile contact tracing – Google and Apple have already developed the OS-level framework needed for contact tracing, but each smart phone user will also download a “Safe Citizen” health app. The app will provide the user with a color code Green, Yellow, or Red. Red will mean that the user must immediately self-isolate at home for fourteen days. If sixty percent of the population downloads the app voluntarily it will not become mandatory.
  3. Safe Citizen reporting – The Committee will develop incentives to encourage friends and neighbors to report to authorities when they witness willful non-compliance. Example: K.A.R.E.N. developed by Mayor De Blasio.
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