Self-sabotage, the world asplodes!

RCP: The CIA’s Fight With Obama – This seems a logical reaction by the CIA. I have to ask why is Obama making enemies with people who have advanced capabilities to bug rooms and leak damaging information? Powerline: Obama’s incoherent powder -Again Obama is alienating people whom he has rely on to guide his actions.

Many people myself included are very concerned about the many domestic changes that are happening lead by President Obama himself. However, what I see is a President that is following a path of self-sabotage. The lawyers whom he has to depend on will fail to give him an honest opinion. CIA agents within his own adminstration are now likely to be working against Obama as payback. Obama can’t possibly be an effective leader if his staff and cabinet don’t trust him or fear the consequences of the next President going on a witch hunt against Obama.

In the international arena the world has tested Obama and found him to be weak and flacid. Russia is on it’s way to annexing Georgia. Iran has decided Obama is no threat at all. Pakistan is fighting to maintain the nuclear football it owns. It’s no wonder Australia is stockpiling ammo and weapons. They see a major fight coming with China.

How safe do you feel now? Knowing that President Obama maintains an official appeasement policy toward the people who would destroy us. If you think danger can’t reach us here on America soil, in your own state, rolling into your own city, and crashing through your own front door. You forget that it’s already happened, it happened on 9/11/01 and it can happen again.