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Support Mayor Piper against the PC Police

The Politically Correct police are moving against Mayor Johnny Piper in Clarksville, TN quickly after he sent a chain email that criticized a Muslim themed postage stamp. I don’t believe Mayor Piper’s opinion should be silenced because it is unpopular, not politically correct, or offensive. Many offensive demonstrations have been made against Christianity without the same freedom allowed against Islam.

If you believe Islam and/or Muslim extremists are not above criticism send an email to the Mayor’s office. Here is mine below sent earlier today.

from Eric Brake <eric@eric…>

to mayorpiper@cityofcl…

date Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 3:15 PM

subject Don’t Apologize!

Don’t apologize for sending that email criticizing Muslims. Muslim

organizations want to shutdown all criticism of Islam. Don’t let it

happen! Open discussion is required in a free society. We can’t allow

one side to dictate the conversation.

You can email the Mayor’s office at

All of those tea party protesters living in the Clarksville area need to support leaders standing against political correctness.