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The Annual Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience

Marketing experts have run out of unique adjectives to describe their life changing products and services. Nothing better illustrates this than when the advertising genius wrote the press release for the Trail of Tears Pow Wow. The title reads in bold print:

22nd Annual Trail of Tears Pow Wow September 12-13

Alright, We’ve established as fact that there have been 22 pow wow festivals and that these spectacular events occur annually. The punch line comes at the end.

The public is invited and urged to come join this once-in-a-lifetime Native American Pow Wow experience.

I’m guessing experienced marketing gurus have a massive dictionary of auto-complete phrases loaded into Microsoft Word. Some can wield it better than others and the really bad actors pop-in random phrases they haven’t used in the previous six months.

With this in mind, go have an excellent once-in-a-lifetime experience at the 22nd Annual Trail of Tears Pow Wow.