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San Francisco homeless

The Roots and Causes of Homelessness

tiny house
Tiny House

Within a population of 320 million people in the United States. If we have ‘X’ number of homeless people why can’t we build ‘X’ number of tiny homes? Done. Homelessness has been eliminated! Well…. we know that isn’t how life works. The reason why it doesn’t work is the same as why Liberalism fails.

Adam Curry interviewed Alan Graham, the CEO of Mobile Loaves and Fishes and the Community First Village in Austin, TX. Below I will quote portions of the podcast, but it is highly encouraged to listen to the podcast itself.

The single greatest cause [of] homelessness is a profound catastrophic loss [of] family.

5:17 seconds

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.


We don’t believe in the model of fixing or repairing humans.


There is no graduation [from the community] that’s another fallacy in the system.


We [people] desire to be fully and wholly loved and fully and wholly known.


We seem to have a culture of middle men. If somebody is bothering me I call the cops. It’s rarely somebody going to someone else. “Hey, let’s solve this problem.”