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Christmas Loot

Santa Claus again left me with a very nice Christmas. Despite the obligatory gifts of clothes, candy, and gift cards. I also received a few stand out gifts below.

  • Garrity keychain flashlight: This flashlight is pretty cool it uses two LED bulbs and a lithium watch battery. Except for the small switch on the side it has no moving parts. The big on/off switch uses the electrical conductivity of your finger to turn on and off.
  • Second Gen iPod Shuffle: Need I say more? :)
  • P3 Kill-A-Watt: Plug the Kill-a-Watt into the wall then plug the appliance into the Kill-a-watt. The Kill-a-watt will then give you a reading on the quality of power coming from the wall and the power draw from the appliance. I’m gonna mainly use the kill-a-watt with my laptop to see the direct effect of powertop and the power savings because of it.
  • Kevin Mitnick’s The Art of Intrusion: Kevin Mitnick’s second book after the Art of Deception, which i have also read. Watch for a book review later.