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Eggner’s Ferry: Everybody Was Running Back And Forth

WKDZ did a great job covering the bridge hit and collapse of the Eggner’s Ferry bridge. Of all the coverage they did I want to highlight one interview. It is a classic that will live forever in the genre of country-fried disaster interviews.

 MP3: Robert Parker Interview – (C) WKDZ Radio

WKDZ: Did you get out of the vehicle after this happened and look down there?

RP: Yes.

WKDZ: Did you yell at anyone on the boat? Did anyone yell at you?

RP: Nuh Uh, everybody was running back and forth.

WKDZ: Did any of them know you were up there?

RP: I don’t know that they did or not.

Everybody was running back and forth, I’ll bet they were!