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omg, my first paypal account!!!1!!1one

Up until a few days ago I did not have my own paypal account (shocking!). What changed my mind was the talk on the Security Now! podcast about PayPal’s new keychain device. Steve Gibson and Leo recently completed a long series on authentication (SN90, SN94, SN95, SN98, SN101, SN103). Which, looking back, the security key seems like the inevitable result of everything they discussed. Steve says as much in SN103 that he wants Verisign to support OpenID and tie this into the key functionality. The PayPal official, Michael Vergara, also said that a common network was being developed so that the same key could be used everywhere without the so called “necklace problem”. I feel like I’ve fallen for a very clever marketing ploy, but I did create the paypal account and order the security key all because of Security Now!. It’s all your fault Steve and Leo!