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tag and release

Just finished listening to Security Now! 121, which is about privacy in the modern world or the lack of it. The consensus between them was that it was impossible to be totally “off the grid” as it were. However, the privacy conscious individuals do have a choice. Nearly, all businesses have privacy statements that set the rules on what information is collected, who sees it, how it can be used, and view/modify/delete the same information. Some companies like Google even let you view some of the information the company has on you, such as, using Google’s Web History feature. After I finished listening to SN121, I thought even though I don’t have web history activated Google is still tracking and collecting this information about me. So isn’t it better to know what Google knows rather than simply be unaware. So I activated Web History and will be checking in the coming weeks to fully realize that Google is a self-aware, omniscient entity.