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Month: June 2008

  • It Lives!

    Sunday afternoon I sucessfully flashed the WRT54GL router with DD-WRT. In the preparations for doing the flash, I read alot on the DD-WRT website making certain I knew what to expect. The website makes it very clear that an improper flash can brick your hardware. Following the instructions exactly made the process relatively uneventful though…

  • The Belkin is dead! Live Long Linksys!

    This past Sunday I was unfortunate enough to watch the untimely death of my old Belkin wireless router. I wasn’t sad to watch it go but I did miss having my wireless available. That afternoon when I was deciding what I wanted to replace it with I didn’t want to go the “El Cheapo” route…

  • Soap Box Derby pictures

    The third annual Soap Box Derby in Hopkinsville was held today in downtown Hopkinsville. I was there for a couple of hours. I had the excellent idea to bring my camera. Here’s some of the photographs I took.