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Month: December 2008

  • Snow!

    The first snowfall of the year is here. School is out in Christian county and surrounding areas. There is a webcam on the Boulevard. Seems it’s been cleared fairly well.

  • Teenagers hold-up Dollar Store

    Three female teenagers walked into a Dollar Store in Ohio and tried to rob it. They were refused when store employees said they couldn’t get into the safe. The teenagers left empty handed and were arrested about a mile away. When a manager claimed that she could not open the store safe, the alleged robbers–Jocelyn…

  • Cutest member of the Christmas Parade

    Since Seenoevil asked why I had not posted anything about the Christmas parade I decided I would award the prize for the “Cutest Member of the Parade”. The prize goes to a pair of miniature horses. I have a overall good opinion of this year’s Christmas parade. The parade certainly has room to improve but…