The Old Workhorse Prepared For Retirement

clunker computer
Clunker Computer

Mom’s current computer is at least ten years old. Back in the day it probably ran Windows 98, then I put Linux on it. Now is the time for it to go to the scrap pile and be replaced by Mom’s New old computer. Dad made a comment that when the HP is setup for Mom’s use that it should have an anti-virus installed. So I remembered that Microsoft was now producing it’s own anti-virus free for everyone. It is my opinion that both McAfee and Norton should drop dead anyway. I considered Microsoft Security Essentials to be far better than any of my other options.

My original plan was to setup the laptop where the CRT monitor is sitting now. Mom would use a regular keyboard and mouse just like she is now. However, my plan changed when Mom said she wanted to use the keyboard and touchpad built in to the laptop. The touchpad is something new that she has never used before. She thinks using the touchpad is more advanced than a plain mouse. I’m not sure that the touchpad is the best thing for her but if she wants to try it, so be it. What this means for the moment is that the laptop can’t sit where I originally planned for it. I was disappointed because I was ready to tear into the old computer and start unhooking it but such was not meant to be.

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I have a computer of Win-98 vintage on which I’m getting ready to update the Linux so I can use it for internet browsing from the LR. It’s a Gateway, from the days when that name meant a lot more than it does now!

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