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New Gadget Coming

It’s been a year since I started recording sermons for Christian Heights. The Archos 5 has performed this function well over the past year. However, since Rev. Marion started distributing recordings of the full worship service on CD. I have been more concerned about the limits of the Archos 5 microphone. The Archos makes good recordings of a speaker standing near the pulpit but that is not sufficient to make a quality recording of the entire worship service. In June of 2010, a lightning strike short circuited several items in the church including the old sound mixer. The church bought a shiny new Yahmaha mixer with plenty of options to record the output. The new mixer got me thinking about the possibilities.

The digital recorder I ordered should be here Monday or Tuesday.

Can’t wait to plug it in next Sunday.

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Looks like a cool little gadget. I’m curious about how you’re recording the sermons. Are you using this as the speaker’s mic input to the mixer and PA sound system? Are you then recording on the portable unit as well as from the mixer board?

Right now, I lay the Archos 5 on the pulpit and it records everything around that area. It’s not connected to the sound system at all.

The new mixer has a headphone jack that is meant for monitoring the mixer live. My plan is to record from that headphone jack. The mixer has three connected microphones. I expect to get much better sound compared to what I’m doing now.

I don’t plan on using both recorders. The Zoom recorder has a much better external mic.

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