Vehicle warranty scam

Today I received a very interesting scam demanding that I buy an extended warranty because my “vehicle’s factory warranty has expired or will soon expire”. Turns out Dealer Warranty Services has already caught the attention of Missouri’s Attorney General. The AG’s website lists 23 complaints. The Better Business Bureau lists 37 complaints in the last 36 months, with 31 complaints resolved

DWS post card side 1 DWS scam Side two

Why anybody would send these people dirtbags money I have no clue.

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This company is not a scam. The post card gives the customer an opportunity to extend their vehicle warranty if their’s has expired. Factory warranties are normally 3 years on manufactured date of vehicle. You can get powertrains (which are not complete warranties only relating to specific components of the engine and water pump,transmission and transfer case. This is the same warranty any major auto manufacturer provides. If a customer purchases a policy and then decides to cancel they are refunded the appropriate amount based on the time theypurchased their policy and the length in which they had the policy. Each policy has a 30 day review period. Dealer Warranty follows all appropriate state and federal laws and does business professionally and ethically. If you feel you have a true and legitimate complaint please don’t hesitate to contact their general manager at 636-946-5020.

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