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Worthless Carbon Credits

From the WKDZ website, they are promoting the Blue Heron in the station’s “Business Spotlight” section. The Blue Heron is a local business in Cadiz that sells organic and “green” products.

Even though we are blue, we are a shade of green. We are the only Co2 offset company in this region. Part of your purchase goes toward global tree replantation to help our planet and to offset carbon footprints

The changing weather pattern in the previous year or two is visible evidence that man-made Global Warming Climate Change is fiction. The Weather Channel takes every opportunity to broadcast stories about masses of people succumbing to heatstroke but you’ll never hear about the unusually cool, wet weather that’s happening right here in Kentucky. Neither will they draw any conclusion from the harsher winter weather coming soon or the weather that’s already happened.

Who says carbon dioxide is bad anyway? Is it not an arbitrary decision to call a gas produced by mammals and required for plant life suddenly to be an evil menace. With no human intervention whatsoever the oceans already absorbs and releases large amounts of carbon dioxide. NatGeo makes the mistake of assuming CO2 is a deadly poison. However, the reader should consider they admitted the ocean holds large amounts of carbon easily and naturally. Why should we assume that man-made carbon would be an undue burden.

In conclusion, I’ve never met anyone that works at the Blue Heron. I’m sure they are all very nice people but they are still wrong about the fuzzy, feel-good, save-the-earth mantra. Carbon credits will not remove one single ounce of carbon from the atmosphere. After the Cap and Tax system was setup in the UK, organized crime quickly figured out how they could game the system. Not to mention people like Al Gore that set the odds and own the system, the house always wins. The Blue Heron should not be buying carbon credits at all. That money operates a corrupt system wishing to gain control over the entire economy.






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