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Dramatically Worse Gasoline Mileage

I watch my gas mileage very carefully. Even during the dead of winter my mileage never went below 22 MPG. Since the end of the cold weather my mileage has been steadily increasing up to a maximum of 27 MPG most recently. That is until my most recent fill-up which only lasted one week even though I normally fill-up every two weeks. My car is a 2008 Chevy Cobalt and I always buy my gas from the same gas station.

Date Miles Gallons $/Gallon Total Cost Miles/Gallon Gallons/100 miles
4/12/2009 193.5 7.966 1.809 $14.41 24.29 4.12
4/26/2009 170.8 6.797 1.859 $12.64 25.13 3.98
5/9/2009 201.4 7.370 2.059 $15.17 27.33 3.66
5/17/2009 136.2 6.668 2.229 $14.86 20.43 4.90

25% drop in a week is ridiculous! To say I was royally pissed off is putting it mildly. I’ve thought of all the simple reasons why a drop like this could have happened. I’ve checked that my gas cap is screwed tight, etc. I’m gonna drive on the tank of gas I have now and see what happens. I will not buy from the same station again unless I see the same improvement over the next week.







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