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New Wave is tracking the Interwebs

For several months I’ve been noticing splash advertising when a page I try to load is redirected elsewhere. The advertising itself was bad enough but now New Wave Communications has announced they will be allowing people to opt-in to be tracked. In exchange, customers will recieve more “customized” advertising and maybe some service discounts provided by New Wave.

Simultaneously, Security Now! is running a series on the Phorm system for ISP-based advertising (SN149 – SN153).



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4 responses to “New Wave is tracking the Interwebs”

  1. I”m shocked that New Wave does that. I”m going to tell my kids so they can be further assured that they made the right decision — they recently moved to Hopkinsville. decided against New Wave, and went with HES wireless. So far, they seem to be very pleased.

  2. We should be glad we’re not CharterComm customers anymore… or that Charter tried this stunt first and was discovered so that other ISPs might think twice.

  3. If you are on newwave, and want privacy, check out the website above. Very helpfull. Oh, and HES wireless net rocks!

  4. The TOR project will make you anonymous but using TOR is much slower. After all what’s the point of having broadband without broadband speed? :) For New Wave specifically, it’s far better to force all cookies to be session-only.