Mileage improving

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the 25% drop in my gas mileage. The good news that in the two week period since then my mileage has improved.

Miles Gallons Miles/Gallon Gallons/100 Miles
192.4 8.133 23.66 4.23

I’d really like to know what happened to the gasoline mix that caused such a drastic drop in efficiency. Big Oil conspiracy? Winter-Summer switchover? Somebody scrubbed the underground tanks and left residue?


Traveling Vietnam Memorial

…err I should say memorials because there are many different mobile Vietnam Memorials. One in particular that visited Oak Grove, Ky during Memorial Day weekend is called the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. The only complaint we had was attempting to find the memorial. There were no signs at all on Ft Campbell Blvd. A story I found in the Leaf-Chronicle said only that it was a tenth of mile from the Oak Grove Wal-mart but it would have been more helpful to say it’s next to the Viceroy Performing Arts Center on Walter Garrett Lane.

Similar comments about disabled access to the wall.

We got to the memorial, and our problems were not over yet. You had to walk over an area that was not wheelchair-friendly. I started to push the chair toward the memorial but had to give up. Next time, why not have the memorial alongside the concrete trail so my wife and other disabled people could view it? Having it on grass is not a good idea unless it is disabled-friendly.

This whole post seems very negative but that’s not the way it’s intended. Seeing the memorial was a good experience and brought home what the Vietnam War means.

everything else

Book of Ruth broadcast on TBN

Since January there’s been a steady interest surrounding the Book of Ruth movie starring Sherry Morris as Ruth. Even though the movie is obviously a low budget operation I expect movie producers to understand this thing called the Internet. This is especially true for independent movies with little or no advertising budget. Someone registered an account on youtube to post the one and only trailer and never logged in again. Actor/movie crew interviews would have done a lot to whip up some viral marketing.

Despite the producers’ lack of marketing talent, I have discovered that TBN will be broadcasting the movie on TV.

Program Schedule:
Special show times:
Sun 6/21
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Note: All times are Pacific Time. All programs are subject to change without notice.

There you go… June 21st on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Comments are welcome since I haven’t yet found any discussion about this movie elsewhere.


Jeffers Bend Fishing Day

The Jeffers Bend “Take Kids Fishing” event was today. I didn’t participate in dropping bait into the water but was quite satisfied being the resident photographer. I saw many of the kids have excellent luck in catching blue gill large and small, even some non-fish creatures. The river and pond was stocked before hand with fish and one large catfish as the grand prize. WKAG has a pretty good report summarizing what TKF is about.

hopkinsville rant

Dramatically Worse Gasoline Mileage

I watch my gas mileage very carefully. Even during the dead of winter my mileage never went below 22 MPG. Since the end of the cold weather my mileage has been steadily increasing up to a maximum of 27 MPG most recently. That is until my most recent fill-up which only lasted one week even though I normally fill-up every two weeks. My car is a 2008 Chevy Cobalt and I always buy my gas from the same gas station.

Date Miles Gallons $/Gallon Total Cost Miles/Gallon Gallons/100 miles
4/12/2009 193.5 7.966 1.809 $14.41 24.29 4.12
4/26/2009 170.8 6.797 1.859 $12.64 25.13 3.98
5/9/2009 201.4 7.370 2.059 $15.17 27.33 3.66
5/17/2009 136.2 6.668 2.229 $14.86 20.43 4.90

25% drop in a week is ridiculous! To say I was royally pissed off is putting it mildly. I’ve thought of all the simple reasons why a drop like this could have happened. I’ve checked that my gas cap is screwed tight, etc. I’m gonna drive on the tank of gas I have now and see what happens. I will not buy from the same station again unless I see the same improvement over the next week.


Little River Days 2009

The annual Little River Days festival is this weekend. This year the city made an effort to boost the level of activity. Some years Little River Days has been very thin. The festival’s namesake is the river that runs through the center of Hopkinsville. I think this year’s festival compares favorably with previous years. There seemed to be plenty of vendors and foot traffic. Founder’s Square was packed.

I greatly enjoyed the BBQ sandwich I got from Pioneers Inc.


Local boy: Brian Brennan

Brian Brennan is a soldier with the Currahee out of Ft. Campbell. He lost both of his legs during combat but now he walks with prosthetics. His story is embedded below.


Self-sabotage, the world asplodes!

RCP: The CIA’s Fight With Obama – This seems a logical reaction by the CIA. I have to ask why is Obama making enemies with people who have advanced capabilities to bug rooms and leak damaging information? Powerline: Obama’s incoherent powder -Again Obama is alienating people whom he has rely on to guide his actions.

Many people myself included are very concerned about the many domestic changes that are happening lead by President Obama himself. However, what I see is a President that is following a path of self-sabotage. The lawyers whom he has to depend on will fail to give him an honest opinion. CIA agents within his own adminstration are now likely to be working against Obama as payback. Obama can’t possibly be an effective leader if his staff and cabinet don’t trust him or fear the consequences of the next President going on a witch hunt against Obama.

In the international arena the world has tested Obama and found him to be weak and flacid. Russia is on it’s way to annexing Georgia. Iran has decided Obama is no threat at all. Pakistan is fighting to maintain the nuclear football it owns. It’s no wonder Australia is stockpiling ammo and weapons. They see a major fight coming with China.

How safe do you feel now? Knowing that President Obama maintains an official appeasement policy toward the people who would destroy us. If you think danger can’t reach us here on America soil, in your own state, rolling into your own city, and crashing through your own front door. You forget that it’s already happened, it happened on 9/11/01 and it can happen again.