Foggy Mornings

We haven’t had floods in the Hopkinsville area, but it has rained every day for the last week or more. When it isn’t raining, the sky stays gray. […]

I suppose this spate of rain is an equinox storm or as it was called in older times, a “line storm”. According to Bulfinch’s Mythology, the cooler weather that’s coming after the line storm is a signal of a cool winter that will last until the next equinox.

I like the anecdotal evidence that Mrs. Netz dug up. I’m already convinced that we will have a colder, snowier winter this year. President Obama spoke a bald-faced lie when he said that shrinking islands were causing hordes of climate refugees and greater conflict around the world. Looking at the photos posted at Prairie Bluestem inspired me to go out this morning when there was thick fog to take some of my own.

All three photos were taken at an intersection on a country road in Christian County.

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No Indoctrination Here

I am absolutely appalled at the statements and attitudes being taken by elected and school officials.
This is nothing but BLATANT RACISM at its best. To even suggest that OUR DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT
is attempting to “indoctrinate” our children into “socialism” is utter nonsense.

The Obama administration did a classic bait and switch leading up to the President’s national speech to school children. The documents leaked were lesson plans meant to be used before and after the President’s speech. After taking careful notes on the most controversial areas, the final draft of the speech was written to avoid those problems. Among the most controversial was a paragraph requiring students to write an essay about how to help the President.

This time, similar language is included in a Census fact sheet meant to be distributed in schools. First of all, there is a problem with the children being involved at all because the general fact sheet states clearly that the Census is to be filled out by the person named on the mortgage or rental lease.

Q. Who should fill out the census questionnaire?
A. The individual in whose name the housing unit is owned
or rented should complete the questionnaire on behalf of every person living in the residence, including relatives and non-relatives.

Despite this, schools are expected to spend a week of classroom time on the Census.

Opportunities to discuss and practice civic responsibility through five 15-minute lessons, available online, during a Census in Schools Week celebration.

Students are also expected to memorize the content of the Census form.

Lessons are designed to:
Familiarize students with the census questionnaire.

After being fully educated regarding matters that don’t concern them. Students are supposed to go home and talk up the Census with their parents.

Provide students with family take-home pages to promote participation in the 2010 Census and initiate a family dialogue about the benefits of being counted.

What do you think? Come January I think the same parents that questioned why the President wanted to speak directly with their kids should also question why the Federal Govt’ is in the schools.


Census Organizers in Hoptown


Census 2010
Census 2010

This report about the local census committee got me wondering who might be participating on it. I gotta wonder because the Census Bureau was tainted in February when Obama announced he was putting the Census under direct White House control. The bureau then cut off ACORN from having any involvement in the Census after it was found they are a thoroughly corrupt organization.

After some investigation, I was mildly surprised that a public Google group was created for use by the local complete count committee. Some basic materials have already been posted including Census FAQ sheets and timelines. Much more interesting is a page detailing sub-committee assignments for various pressure groups communities. Also published on the group is a link to several Census fact sheets each one aimed at a different pressure group partner. The fact sheets are fascinating reading especially when you compare differences. More on this later…

I think this is a good thing that Jim Creighton chose to leave the group open to the public. If the Census is done transparently there is always hope that the Census will be more accurate and less political despite the President’s hard left agenda.

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Here There be Big Foot

Fairdale Bigfoot
Fairdale Bigfoot

A man living in Fairdale, KY was determined to stop whatever was causing damage to his corn rows. He got more than he bargained for though when he setup a hunting camera to capture movement in his backyard. What he captured was the image of a black hairy creature sitting in the field.

I have family that lives in Louisville. Their reaction to it was relief that they had never met with it face-to-face. They just don’t know how cool it would be to catch some good video of it. It would be a sure fire way to get on the teevee. :)

Video of the newscast is below. Given all the damage that this creature did I would expect evidence like hair and footprints. Even better if Discovery Channel includes this in their next Big Foot investigation.

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The Annual Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience

Marketing experts have run out of unique adjectives to describe their life changing products and services. Nothing better illustrates this than when the advertising genius wrote the press release for the Trail of Tears Pow Wow. The title reads in bold print:

22nd Annual Trail of Tears Pow Wow September 12-13

Alright, We’ve established as fact that there have been 22 pow wow festivals and that these spectacular events occur annually. The punch line comes at the end.

The public is invited and urged to come join this once-in-a-lifetime Native American Pow Wow experience.

I’m guessing experienced marketing gurus have a massive dictionary of auto-complete phrases loaded into Microsoft Word. Some can wield it better than others and the really bad actors pop-in random phrases they haven’t used in the previous six months.

With this in mind, go have an excellent once-in-a-lifetime experience at the 22nd Annual Trail of Tears Pow Wow.

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Support Mayor Piper against the PC Police

The Politically Correct police are moving against Mayor Johnny Piper in Clarksville, TN quickly after he sent a chain email that criticized a Muslim themed postage stamp. I don’t believe Mayor Piper’s opinion should be silenced because it is unpopular, not politically correct, or offensive. Many offensive demonstrations have been made against Christianity without the same freedom allowed against Islam.

If you believe Islam and/or Muslim extremists are not above criticism send an email to the Mayor’s office. Here is mine below sent earlier today.

from Eric Brake <eric@eric…>

to mayorpiper@cityofcl…

date Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 3:15 PM

subject Don’t Apologize!

Don’t apologize for sending that email criticizing Muslims. Muslim

organizations want to shutdown all criticism of Islam. Don’t let it

happen! Open discussion is required in a free society. We can’t allow

one side to dictate the conversation.

You can email the Mayor’s office at

All of those tea party protesters living in the Clarksville area need to support leaders standing against political correctness.