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Author: Eric

  • Baby Dies of SIDS Becomes a COVID-19 Stat

    It cannot be said any more clearly than this: Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and state Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack said the virus was unlikely to be the primary factor resulting in the child’s death, but reporting methodologies mandate the case be listed as a coronavirus death. Stack reiterated that most children who contract…

  • Mr. Burns Plan for Safe Citizens

    Mr. Burns Plan for Safe Citizens

    PHASE ONE: The general public of the United States has been experiencing a fear campaign designed by Mr. Burns’ like nothing in recent memory. Since at least March 11, 2020 the public was told that millions of people would die if they did not shutdown every aspect of life and shelter-in-place in their homes. After…

  • The Roots and Causes of Homelessness

    The Roots and Causes of Homelessness

    Within a population of 320 million people in the United States. If we have ‘X’ number of homeless people why can’t we build ‘X’ number of tiny homes? Done. Homelessness has been eliminated! Well…. we know that isn’t how life works. The reason why it doesn’t work is the same as why Liberalism fails. Adam…

  • Aliens and Trek

    Aliens and Trek

    One shelf of my collection of action figures. Big fan of Roddenberry Trek, waiting for the day when we might get positive hopeful Trek again.

  • Single Guy Special – Tortellini Alfredo

    Single Guy Special – Tortellini Alfredo

    This turned out to be an unexpected surprise. I combined all of the ingredients as stated. It didn’t look very appealing going in, but it came out beautiful. Ingredients: 1 package Tortellini Half bag of Popcorn chicken 1 Jar of cheesy Alfredo Sauce 1 Cup Water Shredded Mozzarella cheese Directions: Combine all ingredients in a…

  • Three Birds

    Three Birds

    I experienced my third bird strike in four weeks against my car. The first one happened on June 20th on my way home from work. I thought it was crazy but considered it a random event. The next bird hit me on my way to church on June 26th. I was driving in town so…

  • Write These Words In Stone

    Cheap words you will find written on a post it note. Better words can be found written in a book, but only the best words are worth carving into a granite slab So you’ll remember what I forgot to say, write this down. You can find a chisel, I can find a stone. Folks will…

  • A Gift From my Church

    New and Old. I am thankful for my church family. The book on top is a gift from my church family that I appreciate very much. The Bible underneath was given to me by my pastor when I graduated high school. The Bible is starting to show some wear on the spine. As they say a…