Bear Spring Furnace

This is one of those things I see on the roadside. As I drive past I wonder what is that? I like to turn around if I have time and take a few photos.

Bear Spring Furnace

The historical plaque next to the stone structure states:

Joseph and Robert Woods and Thomas Yeatman built the first charcoal cold-blast furnace here in 1830. It used brown hematite ore from local deposits. Destroyed by Union forces in 1862, the present stack was built in 1873, with a railroad to Tennessee Ridge, on the route of the present highway. Operations here were discontinued in 1901.

National Register of Historic Places plaque (2022)

According to the listing at the Library of Congress, furnaces like this produced the highest quality iron. Tennessee ranked fifth in iron production at the end of the 19th century.


Dodge Coronet Interceptor Found on the Roadside

I completed a work order in Benton Kentucky, on my way back home I stopped to look at a cool antique car.

selfie with antique dodge vehicle
Selfie with Antique Dodge

The car is a Dodge Coronet 440 that has been painted to be a police interceptor from “Hazard County”. The vehicle appears to be an original police car because remnants of police hardware are still visible. The cage in the back seat is still visible and there are wires visible coming out of the roof of the car that were most likely connected to a light bar. The car caught my eye as I was passing in one direction. I made a mental note to stop when I was returning home.

The car is parked in front of Boss Hogg’s Boars Nest Bar & Grill in Benton, KY. I have not eaten there, but the car is a worthy attraction to visit before and after your meal.

Boss Hogg’s Bar & Grill
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My Visit to Metropolis Illinois

I have been working as a technician since 2017. I have completed work orders in Paducah, KY but I have never had a reason to go across the Ohio river into Illinois. April 7th was my opportunity.

The big Superman statue is 15 feet tall and weighs 2 tons. The statue is awesome and I love that it exists. Superman briefly wore a stupid and pointless medical mask during 2020, but when I visited I was very pleased to see that it had been removed.

The SuperMuseum is located right next door in the town square. The store is operated by super geek Jim Hambrick. If I didn’t have the work appointment later I would have paid for a museum ticket. I will look forward to seeing the museum next time.

There is a 1954 Chevrolet parked in front of the museum that I think represents the famous comic panel showing Superman throwing a 1950’s car.


The Family

Peacock advertising

“You’ll be here for the White Clown tonight, and the ladies coming over?” cried Mildred.

Montag stopped at the door, with his back turned. “Millie?”

A silence “What?”

“Millie? Does the White Clown love you?”

No answer.

“Millie, does–” He licked his lips. “Does your `family’ love you, love you very much, love you with all their heart

and soul, Millie?”

He felt her blinking slowly at the back of his neck.

“Why’d you ask a silly question like that?”

He felt he wanted to cry, but nothing would happen to his eyes or his mouth.

Fahrenheit 451, page 105

BB&T Bank Long Lines

BB&T closed the Millbrooke branch in Hopkinsville, KY permanently. With the Ft Campbell Blvd branch also closed today. This was the only open branch in town. I closed my checking account because of sheit like this. I still have a mortgage and I would close that too if I could. BB&T does not deserve one dollar of my business. Every customer in this line probably feels the same way.

long lines at bbt branch
hopkinsville rant

Massive Breakout of Libertarians in KY City

Update: The Village Restaurant agrees to serve strictly carry-out, but tent stays up, both sides declare victory.

A tsunami of libertarian action took place in Hopkinsville Kentucky on December 4, 2020 when the Christian County Health Department suspended the food service license for a local restaurant.

Outside Tent Seating

The difference between an open tent on guidelines given from the CCHD and tent open 50%, which was said but never showed to us. The excuse the Health Department used is, the flyer is wrong but what I am telling you is right. We called the state health department for guidelines. Which we were directed to do so by our local health department. They had no idea to the references. Neither did building and codes which were referenced to call on the guideline print out that the health department gave to us.

The Village Facebook page, viewed 12/11/2020

The restaurant followed guidelines as they were written, but that is never good enough. The Governor and HD ask you and your customers to sit in a cold, drafty tent outside in freezing weather we know that no person in their right mind would ever do that. We were surprised though when we came back and found that you still had a few customers left sitting inside of your tent. So that means we have to ratchet the requirements further and tell you that you must have two sides of your tent completely open.

Support your small businesses, support those businesses that are being discriminated against because they don’t belong to a MEGA-CORP restaurant chain.

Especially Support Businesses That Draw a Line and Say….


The Village Restaurant | 100 Navaho Trail Hopkinsville, KY 42240 | Phone – 270-962-7430

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Animal Farm


Contractor Arrives Unprepared becomes a COVID-19 Stat

Male “Karen” Cancels His Flooring Contractor

This opinion piece was published by the Hoptown Chronicle on June 23, 2020. I read it and thought neither the author nor the contractor were acting rationally. The author lives within an Establishment belief system that probably includes listening to NPR, network or cable news.

Your not wearing a mask! I want to speak with your manager.


In the United States, 122,000 people have died to date from COVID-19 in roughly four months, versus at most half than many from over the course of year from the flu. If facts matter.

Mark Neikirk (Hoptown Chronicle)

There is a significant difference between dying while infected with COVID-19 and dying of it. I already wrote about the story of an infant dying of SIDS, but the death was counted as COVID-19 because “CDC regulations”. The mainstream media lie and gaslight the public because the binary Red vs. Blue structure makes profit for them and destroys relationships for everyone else. The only way to see reality is to leave that structure entirely. Forget the CNNMSNBCFOXNBCABCCBS network, Fox News is corporate news just like CNN and both follow the same script.

Unprepared Contractor Doesn’t Get Work

A flooring contractor came to our house this week to measure, wearing no mask.
Our dialogue went like this:
“Do you have one?”
“OK. We can reschedule. Will you call?”
“Don’t know. I’ve been doing this since this nonsense started and I haven’t seen anyone sick yet.”

“Thank you, but we have friends who have died and been on ventilators, and we have compromised immune systems in our household.”
“Yeah, well, how many of them had underlying issues â€” and (he had a big number) people died from the flu and they didn’t say crap about that.”

Mark Neikirk (Hoptown Chronicle)

Being self-employed myself I see several problems with this conversation that make it unrealistic. First, I don’t believe any self-employed individual would go to a job site without having a mask available in their vehicle. The contractor can believe that masks are stupid and unnecessary, but if your customer wants you to wear a mask then you wear the mask while your on location. Second, the contractor tries to justify his unpreparedness by challenging the customer in a political argument. Don’t discuss politics with a customer. Who does this?!

The author of this editorial lives in a mainstream news bubble. Which he has a right to believe what he wants to, you can’t cancel me for doing the same thing. The contractor in this story arrived on-site unprepared and the homeowner (his employer) will find another to do the work. Simple, happens everyday with or without COVID-19. Frankly, I don’t believe the author had this conversation with a contractor anyway.