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Coming Soon in June

Dual core i5 processor, Intel graphics, should be good hardware for Gentoo to run.

Dell Laptop
Dell Inspiron 15R

Kentucky Monsoon Season?

How many inches of rainfall is required before we can officially call this monsoon weather? I think sixteen inches is enough isn’t?

April 2011 Rainfall16 inches is equal to 406 milimeters.  More than 300 milimeters per month is very common in India during the wet monsoon season.

little river downtown hopkinsville
River in Hoptown - Credit to Lou Willis.
monsoon flood
Thailand monsoon - Credit to Frederic Poirot

Close enough to monsoon weather for me!

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A Man Who Represents Himself Has A Fool For A Lawyer

A man in Bowling Green, KY showed again why it is never a good idea to walk into court without a lawyer. Mick Sherrell believes that a city smoking ban is infringing on his rights.

Bowling Green attorney Mark Alcott, who represents the city, filed a response Thursday to Sherrell’s complaint, stating that Sherrell had not met procedural requirements set forth in Kentucky civil cases to seek an injunction.

Yes! Sherrell was the little guy in the room and he had no idea what he was doing. This is why criminals fire their lawyer and start submitting their arguments written in crayon. The defendant knows his goose cooked; the goal thereafter is to put on a three-ring circus in front of the judge.

Sherrell maintained that the ban prevented him from being able to make decisions about his business regarding smoking.

“I understand completely the city wanted to look out for the health of the public at large, but the public at large has the choice to go to my business or not,” Sherrell said. “I’m not the place you must go (for auto service).”

“My liberties are being impinged!” is a political argument not a legal one and I’ll prove it later.

“I knew that the city was going to try to beat me down with procedure, because I know that’s the weakest part of my case,” Sherrell said. […]

“I’ve had a thousand people ask me why I haven’t hired an attorney, and it’s pretty obvious I cannot afford an attorney, and I don’t spend money I don’t have,” Sherrell said.

I guess it was worth paying the court fees just to say that he did it. David at least had a plan for success when he walked onto the battlefield against Goliath. A better way to stop bad laws is to elect conservative representatives and show up in force when these proposals come up for a vote.

Opponents of the ban agued [sic] that government should respect individual liberties and business freedoms. Ban opponents made up a strong majority of the approximately 140 people who sat and stood to participate in the proceedings – plus at least a dozen more who watched on television from the lobby of the county’s Newport administrative building.

That is how it’s done successfully. No lawyers required.

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Non-story Published as News

Update: Source16 TV

Put this in the Dog-Bites-Man category of desperate news reporting. WKDZ is reporting that a 2.4 magnitude earthquake occurred near Paducah on March 24th. The earthquake was felt by no one and no damage was caused by this non-quake earthquake. Somebody tell me where is the story on this?

madrid earthquakes
39 quakes

During the last week there were 38 earthquakes in this region surrounding the Madrid fault that no one cared about. Where is the love for them if that one in Paducah was so important?

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Doesn’t mean anything

There was a fake controversy some months ago related to the Google Suggest feature. Some people were upset that the suggestions for “Christianity is” were negative while the same for “Islam is” were not. To please everybody involved Google fixed it so that the suggest feature was equally negative for both Christianity and Islam.

Only mildly related is the fact that Bing search copied the same feature. What pops up in Bing has little to no importance but it is still amusing.

If you type in “Christian Heights” one of the suggestions is Christian Heights United Methodist Church. I am the maintainer of the CHUMC website and I like the way Bing search is thinking. :)

bing suggest
Bing recommends CHUMC

The Snow I Wished for…

Conservatively, Hopkinsville has had twelve inches of snow fall within the last three days. There is more snow on the ground now than I ever had when I was growing up. The 90s was a decade of mild winters and light snowfall. I envy the kids today when school districts cancel classes at the mere threat of snow. Now, I have to drive in it. It is not so much fun anymore.

scary icicle
14 inch icicle

Man-made Global Warming is a joke. Cue the fool himself, Al Gore. He explains to us how a warmer planet creates more severe snowstorms.

“In fact, scientists have been warning for at least two decades that global warming could make snowstorms more severe. Snow has two simple ingredients: cold and moisture. Warmer air collects moisture like a sponge until it hits a patch of cold air. When temperatures dip below freezing, a lot of moisture creates a lot of snow.”

ice covered roads
Ice-covered roads

Assuming that the pendulum is swinging back toward more severe winters over the next 10 years. What are school districts going to do if this is the new status quo? This could be the excuse for eliminating the long summer break; except when kids pass out because they were caught riding the bus in triple digit temperatures. There is no right answer when the district leadership has to consider the possibility of sue-happy parents looking to get their payday.

Snow days were nice when I was in school but I think Christian County calls off school way too often. Especially when main roads are clear and only secondary roads are slick. It doesn’t matter if twelve inches of snow fell this week I still have to drive in it. There were plenty of semi-trucks still driving today. If a truck driver can still haul his load then so can a school bus. The school buses should have a snow route and parents would meet the bus half way on a main road. My plan is not rocket science but it does require adults to act like adults.


NAACP Still Struggles for…

…a continuing purpose? On the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day John Banks strains to justify the NAACP’s existence.

N-A-A-C-P President, John Banks explains why the holiday is important.  He says,“It’s so important that we keep the spirit alive because even as we speak we are not one nation with liberty and justice for all in this country.  So, until we get that point, we must continue to commemorate this legacy.”

Obama Obey
Kneel before the One

Has Mr. Banks forgotten this guy so quickly? Even while Pres. Obama sits in the White House the NAACP is still required to hang this guilt around our necks.

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Sound Check!!

Today is the day that I record using my new digital recorder. Samples of both recordings are below. I thought I’d share the old way of recording the worship service and the new and improved way.

Archos 5
Archos 5 on the pulpit

Using the Archos 5 is simple but the device is limited. Sound quality is excellent if the person is standing nearby the microphone. I think I can do better.

zoom h1 and mixer
Zoom H1 and mixer

The sound system at Christian Heights has three microphones, one for each podium and a wireless mic that the pastor wears. This adds up to much better coverage for everyone who might speak during the service.  Download both audio samples here: Archos SampleZoom Sample

Both files have been normalized and compressed in the same manner. When I listen to both files I notice that the Archos has more room noise. Mostly due to it sitting on the main podium while the man in the recording is standing at the other one. I am satisfied with how the Zoom H1 performed. Next week, I will make some adjustments and this will become the primary means of recording.